Grand Opening & Product Launch

It’s official! I am launching my new business on 25th November at the Brisbane Leather Pride Markets being held at the old East Brisbane Bowls Club.

You can find the event listed above by visiting the Brisbane Leather Pride website for more details or viewing the events page here Р

Every candle I currently have available in this online store will also be available for purchase.

There is a big range of colours and candle types and I will be offering some live demonstrations of the candles. These have all been tested of varying skin types with no problems except on very sensitive skin that should not have wax poured on it in the first place. The soy wax blend sets quickly and melts at a low temperature to allow it to be dripped closer to the skin compared those nasty paraffin candles that are often sold as beginners candles. When the wax is removed, they do not leave any heavy oily residue and the wax flakes off cleanly with minimal effort.

Do you want to try our candles before committing to a big purchase? No problems. There is a range of smaller candles designed for a couple of scenes to get an idea of how the wax pours and sets. Please note however that not all of the colours will be available in these smaller candles.